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Blog Roll: Logan Cabinet Shoppe

There are many great woodworking blogs, and I want to take the time to go through why I like the ones I read on a regular basis.

I’ve given a lot of thought on where I would start.  There are so many people publishing great content that it’s impossible to find one site that has had more influence on me than others.  I’ve learned tons of new things and I’ve discovered so many authors that have completely changed the way I look at woodworking.  When I stop to look back at who has had the most impact, who has made the biggest shift in my approach to the craft, there was only one place to start.


Bob Rozaieski over at the Logan Cabinet Shoppe showed me that it is possible to work wood COMPLETELY by hand, QUICKLY, and in a VERY small space.

Bob’s shop is a 7×13 room in the back of his house.  His kit of tools is larger, and in many ways different, than what is discussed in the Anarchist’s Tool Chest, but Bob isn’t a hybrid woodworker.  He has not only studied the craft of woodworking, but also the history behind how things were done before dust spewing machines came around.

Bob’s site not only contains a very well written blog, but also a video podcast.  The podcast contains complete builds of full pieces of furniture, but also includes many skill building episodes.  Bob shows you everything from how to set up wooden planes and how to make a marking gauge, to how to build a full entertainment center, all completely by hand.

While Bob’s knowledge about hand tools is impressive, what really caught my interest was his workbench.

Bob’s uses a Nicholson style bench with some ideas from Moxon thrown in as well.  (He’s referred to it before as a Moxolson bench.)  He detailed it’s design and construction in his blog and on a series of podcasts.  This bench style is quick to build, sturdy, and relatively inexpensive.  Best of all, it can be easily built using nothing but home center lumber and hand tools!

Bob even took the time to revisit the bench after a year of use to give his viewers the ability to see what works and what few problems he’s faced.  This series of podcasts led the way for many Nicholson style benches to be built! (I’ve built two myself!)

So Bob, thank you for demonstrating that woodworking doesn’t have to involve  power tools or large spaces.  Keep the podcasts and blog posts coming!

-Mike Russo